Monday, July 27, 2009

Dusty throwing a tantrum, hehe thats what the trick is called.

24th of July at Pine View

Braylyn's first ride on a boat.
She loved it when it was moving.

She loved driving it.
What a big girl.

Dusty rocks at wakeboarding.

All the girls

We couldn't keep her out of the water.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th

So we took my family to Silverton, Colorado for the 4th of July it was really fun. My family stayed in town and me and Dusty stayed at the cabin with his family. We went four wheeling which was really fun. We went up in the mountains higher than 13,000 ft. it was so fun we saw a lot of mining caves. After the parade they have the firefighters from silverton and durango fight with there hoses it is so neat that they do that everyone gets soaked. They have all there gear on and blast each other. So on the trip at the fireworks Carly started throwing up then me and then Braylyn. It was a nightmare. Carly and Braylyn only threw up the one time. But mine was a 24 hr bug. Nasty. I hate being sick. And then we got home and I thought my throat hurt from being sick I went into the dr. and I have strep throat. It kills its no fun. And Dusty has it too we are so weak but we are surviving.