Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zoo Videos

Baby Elephant

Be sure to watch the whole video the elephant is so cute

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun at the Park

Braylyn just started to go down slides and this is a small one she loves the big ones she laughs the whole way down. She goes up all by herself and gets to the slide fast and jumps on with no hesitation just goes its cute. I think she is proud that she can do it all by herself. She claps when she gets to the bottom.

My mom helped me make this skirt for Brays costume. She is going to be a fairy. I will have more pics next mth.

She eats at the table with us now. What a big girl

Movie Night

We just have huge sacs they are so comfortable. My parents come over and just fall asleep they can never stay awake.

We have such a awesome theatre room. When Dusty finished the basement he made the big room downstairs a theatre room and we love it. We have friends over all the time and watch movies. Dusty has buddies come over once in awhile and does halo night. There are so many people that come they have to hook up TVs and everyones favorite place to be is downstairs. Anyways we tried to get Bray to watch a movie with us. We put on a couple disney movies she watched them for like a min. and then lost interest. Oh well we just wait till she goes to sleep and then we get to watch what we want. We have fun.