Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Christmas Time!

So it almost Christmas and we have been busy with Braylyn. She is at the age where she wants to climb and jump and not be inside. But when its cold that what we are having to do. She has a cold and we want her to get over it so we are just staying home. She is getting stir crazy. Like her mommy. We are trying to keep busy with things th0ugh. We are so excited for Santa to come. We started early because we were so excited and now we are counting the days. We are going to Durango right after Christmas that will be fun. Braylyn is growing so fast. We are thinking it is about time for another one.

She loves going up and down the stairs.

She says up and down while she does it, she is so smart.

She loves being around mommy. Especially in the kitchen cooking.

Braylyn, Kambria, Carlie, and Kaden