Tuesday, February 16, 2010


She is finally getting back to smiling at the camera. Not the blank stare anymore.

Making a mess in her room. Shes good at that.

Just started coloring. She loves sticker books.

Good job!!!

I Cant believe how big my little baby is getting in May she turns 2. She is talking so much and so smart she counts to 10 with you and she love the abc song. She loves me so much and sometimes has a hard time leaving my side. But she is really good at giving hugs and kisses. I want a baby so bad, Carly is having her baby soon so I will just have to pretend he is mind. It is taking a little longer this time but it will happen one day, I hope.

Valentines Day

This is what Dusty got me for Valentines Day. It doesnt sound like it is going to be very hard to take care of. I hope I dont kill it.

This is what Daddy got Braylyn. Sooo Sweet she loves to smell them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping Myself Busy

I put this on Braylyns wall. Its Mod Podge letters.
I made 5 of these blankets for my nieces for Christmas a lot of work but they turned out so cute.

Rag Quilt for Keaton.

Rag Quilt for Christian.

Rag Quilt for Braylyn.

Another Rag Quilt for Keaton

Mod Podge letters for my mother in law

I made this for my sister in law.