Friday, April 30, 2010


Braylyn loves dogs especially Blue.

Braylyn and her cousins Molli and Caden.

So exciting.

Molli and Braylyn getting ready for a ride.

She loved sparklers. I didn't she wanted to touch them Eeck.

Goin for a ride Yipee!

Just relaxing
Baby Lane
She didnt know what to think of the fire.
This is what she was doing most of the time playing in the dirt.

So we finally got to go to Colorado and Moab and have a family vacation. I love Moab it is such a pretty place that is relaxing. Braylyn found things to do without having to entertain her. She is really good about that anyways. She was bathing in the dirt and I had to remind her that we don't eat the dirt. We had a fun time visiting family. Braylyn loved playing with her cousins lolly(Molli) and aden (Caden). We are going camping with my family at the end of the month and I am really looking forward to it because she was so happy and enjoyed it sooooo much.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Showing Off!

So these are the cute dresses I made for Braylyn(green dress), Kambria (red dress), and Macie (yellow dress). I made them for Easter with my mom. They were my first pattern that I followed I had a lot of fun making them and can't wait to make something else when I get a minute.

They were holding hands for 2 seconds.

Macie (Tiffs)

Kambria (Carlys)