Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

KitTy cUts

This is Vespa before the haircut

So I wanted to show everyone what I do and what my poor kitty goes through getting a haircut. I have taken her to places and they say she bites or they do a crappy job. She has never bitten me when I have done it so now I do it and I think I do a better job that just tells you how bad they have done. She hates getting it done, she cry's the whole time I am doing it and I am sure she thinks I am drowning her when I give her a bath. It is crazy how much hair come off her though. I will stick to cutting people hair animals are way wiggly.

This is the finished product. Pretty Vespa

Haha After her bath
This is all the hair that came off her. This picture doesn't do it justice.